The goal of our Doggie Day (Pet Play) Camp at ServePets is to provide a nurturing, home environment for our visiting pet companions. Your furry children will be family here with us. Our playroom is filled with toys, slides, cars, and play sets and always fresh, cool water. Your pets can spend the day romping and playing indoors with other furry friends or quietly napping and getting loving attention from our staff. We offer our playmates fun and safety with our caring staff who are there to play and supervise.

Giovanna R. says

“I had lost my dog and found him the next day. I was having such a bad day and decided to get Charlee groomed. I live nearby and saw that there was a grooming place…more like a palace for dogs. I called to see if they could get me in but i had to go home first to get his papers. The receptionist told me to come on in and drop him off and then I could take care of his papers. When I walked in I was amazed on how big the facility was and i loved that they had a designated play area. I met two awesome dogs. I met the owner who was an absolute doll, and showed me around the building. I also met his great dane that was such a site to see on a bad day I was having. The groomer called me maybe an hour later saying he was ready, i couldn’t believe it. When I picked him up he was SOOO HAPPY and l felt so good that he LOVED his new groomer. She was so kind, gentle and the staff made me feel so comfortable leaving my fury child. I have since made additional appointments for my other kidz, and plan on bringing them to day care.”
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